Should It Stay or Should It Go?

Friday, March 03, 2006

Submission to Subscription

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Arist: Aarktica
Title: ...or you could just go through your whole life and be happy anyway (Bliss Out v.18)
Source: Subscription

It seems to have taken exactly two discs to land directly on proof that I am a big fat dork. Or, really, a regular ol' Music Geek. This CD is incontrovertible evidence of a weakness of mine: subscription series. Indie labels prey on people like me by creating series of super-special exclusive subscription-only records that you pay for up front (sucker!) and get delivered down the road. It's silly, it's a scam to get you to pay for something way before you have it, and I'm almost totally helpless in the face of it.

Darla's Bliss Out series is, I think, both the first and (maybe) last subscription series I've been a part of. I say it's the first because it was in 1998 or '99 that I send off $100 to Darla to join the already-in-progress series, by which each month for a year you got an "exclusive" CD of blissy space-rock created especially for the series. Nevermind that any old person with a few extra bucks could eventually buy each part of the series a few months after it came out - I would get it first and get them in order, and I think that means I'm special or something.

Fast forward to 2005, and I'd managed to get about eight of my 12 "monthly" Bliss Out discs (including this one). And of those eight, maybe half of them were stuff I dug (not really including this one). A couple of months before my wedding, I told Darla I'd had enough waiting. They settled up and sent me four older discs from the series, and I think I was a grown-up after that.

Should It Stay or Should It Go? At first, I was convinced that this one would have to stay - it was part of a "set," and the geek in me couldn't bear to break it up. But let's be real here: I started my subscription at #14, which makes me no kind of completist - I was just late for the party and got to have some of the crappy beer left in the back of the fridge while everyone else was pairing off and heading home. This disc is soft, sort-of-melodic drone, like half-baked Windy & Carl, and anytime I reach for it...well, I usually listen to Windy & Carl instead.

Two up, two down. This project is starting to frighten me - I think deep down, I figured I wouldn't actually decide to get rid of anything, and already I'm sending two to the gallows.


  • You should toss it. Subscriptions are not tough.

    By Anonymous clay, at 1:21 PM  

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